Mechanical Keyboard obsession

Ever since I purchased my mechanical keyboard (MX Blues) last year, I have been pretty obsessed in general with them. I already know my next purchase is going to be a 60% (Leopold or Ducky) as well as a Leopold Numpad to go along with it (since a lot of my work involves numpad usage!)

But until then I have been scouring the internet for weeks as to what I wanted to do about the keycaps. Right now the keycaps on my Rosewill are already starting to fade off, mainly just the A and W but it’s enough that it’s irritating me. Since last night, I decided I would finally make the plunge into buying keycaps. I was torn between buying Blank White PBT keycaps or the KEYCOOL Rainbow keycaps.

Eventually I decided on going with the blank whites after I saw a thread on /r/mechanicalkeyboards where someone had dyed their caps CMYK using Poly iDye.

Now I am super ecstatic to get the keycaps delivered so I can dye them! I think I’m going to go with Turquoise for my modifiers and possibly Pink or Yellow for my base set.