Mage solo farm spec for Starfall Prophecy

This guide is valid for Rift 4.0 and is written for characters at Level 70.


One of the best things for the Mage class since Storm Legion has been the introduction of Harbinger, a melee-based soul. It has made leveling and farming very easy and with lots of survivability to boot. The reason why it is such a great soul is that it has the best synergy with Chloromancer and it’s Lifegiving Veil healing.

It has been the go-to farming and solo build for number of years however it has currently been “amplified” by the addition of Starfall Prophecy expansion’s Legendary talents.

Soul Tree

So, first thing here is that you’re going to need to have purchased the Storm Legion soul pack for Harbinger and the Ascended Souls pack for Frostkeeper. So basically what I went for with this build was an iteration from QIao’s on the Rift Forums. There were some improvements to be made and I wanted to add in a bit more survivability especially if you aren’t geared.

This build focuses on grabbing Earthen Barrier and Lifegiving Veil for survivability while still maintaining DPS from Harbinger with Lucent Slash and Blazing Light. But the biggest benefit are the Legendaries!

51 Harbinger / 16 Frostkeeper / 9 Chloromancer


You can only have 5 total Legendaries and there are limits within the soul based on how many points you have allocated.

  • Chloromancer:
      • Legendary Bloom
  • Harbinger:
      • Legendary Reaper’s Blade
      • Legendary Blazing Light
  • Frostkeeper:
      • Legendary Rime
      • Legendary Earthen Renewal


There isn’t a lot of room for variations with your masteries aside from your Level 65. I would recommend picking up Mending Response as it’s off the global. You could opt for Phantom Stream with an @self macro but just remember that it won’t heal until after the first tick so if you’re too slow to use it, you might die.


* You could technically utilize Frostkeeper’s Armor however there is a caveat to it. Legendary Bloom and Conditioned Response do not proc it. The only heal you have that will proc it is Legendary Earthen Renewal however you won’t be maintaining the buff since you’ll only be saving your instant procs for oh shit moments.

If you opt for Frostkeeper’s Armor, you will need to allocate points into Stewardship. However, you also won’t really be utilizing Eldritch Armor until your last mob. So.. it’s kind of a useless buff choice either way.


The following are abilities that you will want to place on your ability bar for single-target damage, cooldowns, and utility.

Core Mechanics

The “rotation” for this is simple. Outside of a couple debuffs/buffs, you’ll be spamming the shit out of Lucent Slash. But to get the most of your damage and survivability there are a few things you will want to do.

Starting The Pull

This is going to be super easy, I promise.

Piercing Beam > Blazing Light > Essence of the Wind > Legendary Bloom > Lucent Slash

The Legendary version now increases your damage and healing by 20% as well as allowing you to cast the ability from range. This buff lasts for 30s so you will only need to refresh towards the end of your pack dying, assuming they live longer than 30s. Use this ability to pull your first mob.
This buff you will want to toss up on your mob so that you can maintain your 10% Dodge and then your Lucent Slash spam will take care of the rest.
Since the mobs will be dealing physical damage, you will want to take advantage of this buff so that you can proc Harbinger’s passive called Lightning Riposte which will, when dodging an attack, deal damage based on your Spell Power. Any DPS is significant DPS here, so rather than save it as an “oh shit” cooldown, it is now a DPS cooldown instead.
This will proc 5 Vile Spores on your group of mobs which means damage and healing from Lifegiving Veil. However, the healing from Bloom, while it still works, is lower than normal Bloom so do not rely on this too much to heal you up.
You’re going to spam this and spam it hard. That’s it. You’ve learned how to be a Mage. jk

Keeping Yourself Alive

This build has a lot of passive healing from Legendary Rime, Earthen Barrier, Lifegiving Veil, and Reaper’s Blade.

This is not a healing ability however when you have enough charge you can reduce the damage of the next 5 incoming attacks. Not necessary to keep up 100% of the time but you can pop it when you’ve got charge to spare.
This ability is now instant cast, oGCD, and it’s value is increased by over 50%. At 6 stacks, the ability is will be instant. Upon usage, the stacks are reset which means the cast time goes starts from 6s and is lowered 1s per second.
Another instant and oGCD heal available at you. The cool down is normally 30s, however, being critically hit can reset the CD of it. Will not reset more than once every 5s but with your pulls lasting 30-60s (gear dependent), it will be more than enough.
Mending Response
Your level 65 mastery that gives you a third instant and oGCD heal that will last over 5s and heal from every attack you take. You will need to ensure this is @self so all mobs proc it whereas the debuff is single-target only.


Recommended Add-ons

  • KaruulAlert – Track and manage debuffs, cooldowns, buffs, et al
  • Gadgets – UI customization




You can remove Charged Blade from the macros if you would like to manually toggle it if you’ll be taking advantage of Planar Shield more often.

#show Lucent Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Lucent Slash

#show Vorpal Slash
cast [notactive] Charged Blade
cast Vengeful Shock
cast Vorpal Slash
cast Storm Slash
cast Withering Vine

If you opt for Phantom Stream:

#show Phantom Stream
cast @self Phantom Stream