Redragon Perdition Mouse Review

For the last years I have been using gaming-specific mice that have side buttons. I started off with the Razer Naga and after a couple of years I swapped over to the Logitech g600. I have my qualms with both of them however the reason for a new mouse was simple. My g600 was simply too heavy to use with FPS games (specifically Overwatch) and I felt like that was really starting to hinder my performance in the game.

I was looking at buying a separate mouse for FPS since I still wanted to keep my g600 for MMOs since I utilize the side buttons a lot. I was shopping around on Amazon and was about to settle on the Logitech g402 but randomly I stumbled across a review website that also included some budget mice.

So I caved and decided to try out the Redragon Perdition mouse since it had a bunch of options that might make it a “better” FPS mouse in comparison to my heavy g600.

  • It had weight options to make it heavier or lighter.
  • Side buttons which meant I could still keep F8 as a keybind for PTT.
  • It was similar in design to the g600 which meant it would feel comfortable in my hand.
  • It wasn’t too hideously designed. It’s simple and to the point.
  • While the textured finish on the plastic was initially a turn off, I realized I preferred this. The Razer Naga had a matte finish and it did not hold up well with the oils from my skin. You could really see the wear and tear. The Logitech g600 had a glossy finish but the wear and tear wasn’t as obvious. This textured finish might actually bode well.

So what the hell, I ordered it in black and it just came in earlier today. Setup is beyond easy. I downloaded the software to be able to remap buttons and fine tune my DPI (it’s at 1100 DPI right now) and so far it’s actually really precise. I took out all of the weights to make it lighter and it’s a significant difference from the g600. Even with all of the weights inside the Perdition, the g600 was still almost twice as heavy.

The mouse definitely has really good sensitivity and precious so far and now it’s just a matter of testing it out in Overwatch and CS:GO to see how it fairs with actual gameplay. I might include a video of sample gameplay later on, so look for that edit.

Now there’s just time to see how long this mouse holds up with daily wear and tear. My first Razer Naga only lasted a year before I replaced it with another Naga until I eventually gave up on the brand a few years ago for Logitech. My g600 is still in working condition but has some wear and tear on the cord and noticable feedback issues with the left/right mouse wheel clicking but nothing that affected me too greatly.