I’m obsessed with Animal Crossing, just like everyone else in quarantine.

Taco Time Island House

In February I really wanted to jump on the pre-order for the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch but put it off for a few days. When I finally told myself to just get it since I had my tax refund already the preorders were already sold out :(. I figured no biggie, I can just get it down the road if they get put back into production.

Well, insert the 2nd week of March and Washington (state) rumors start up that by the weekend, we’ll be put into lockdown like others states have started to do so. So I started to hunker down and hunt down a Switch. Oof. Bad idea considering every retail location was sold out physically and online for even just the basic Switch. I ended up stalking /r/hardwareswap, /r/gamesale, and /r/gameswap in an attempt to try to find a used one that wasn’t insanely marked up. I had a couple people I contacted but I ended up finding someone that was selling their ACNH albeit with a slight $100 markup. I caved in and bought it for myself and of course I bought Animal Crossing.

I’ve never played the game before but I had seen all the hype leading up to it and decided that I wanted to give it a whirl. Here I am almost a week and some days later grinding the shit out of it while I’m on a paid leave from work until May 3rd.

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