On the road to Masters in Overwatch.

My goal for the end of season 4 in Overwatch was to hit diamond. I busted my ass off for far too many games and legit, the last night of the season I hit Diamond at exactly 3000 SR. It felt like it was such a faraway goal that I would never hit but once I did I knew I could hit it again and again.

I ended up placing in low 2800s for season 5 and eventually was able to hit 3214 for my season highest. Unfortunately, work took over for awhile and I ended up hitting decay. That kind of destroyed my SR for awhile and I just maintained in the 3100s. Eventually, I lost a few games and ended up in low Diamond so I just let my account decay entirely to 3000 while I played on my alt. SURPRISE! That account also hit Diamond.

So this season I was determined to place as close to Diamond as possibly. With one caveat. I was going to do it by only playing Zenyatta. Oh, and the only other difference was I would be stuck solo queueing because my duo partner from s4/5 was back to working and not playing Overwatch anymore. I ended up placing around 2950 (I legitimately won 1 out of my 10 games…) and the next two games got me into Diamond.

Currently sitting at 3170 although my high is 3172. My struggle right now is that I’m not maining Mercy this season. I went full on hardcore Zenyatta and while I have had a lot of awesome games… the few games where I have had to play Mercy I realized the disgusting SR I gain playing that hero versus Zenyatta.

Last week I had hit 3166 while Zenyatta. I lost the next match and dropped down to 3142. The next match I was stuck playing Mercy (and solo healing probably) and ended up winning that match. My new SR? 3172. Most of my Zenyatta wins net me around 20 SR while my Mercy wins are around 30 SR. I’m finding it real hard to not just cave in to be a Mercy main to hit my goal. I really wanted to hit Masters playing as Zenyatta only but fuck man, this shit is HARD.

TL;DR About to give up being a Zenyatta main so I can cheesemode to Masters as Mercy.