So about that road to Masters…

I ended up quitting Overwatch for almost the last half of 2018. Doomfist came into the game and it just really rubbed me the wrong way. It just felt a bit imbalanced and it just left a sour taste in my mouth.

But mainly because I tried so hard to hit Masters during Season 8 and fell short. I got up to 3466 SR with a trio group while one-tricking (for the most part) as Mercy. Eventually, my work schedule didn’t align with theirs so I was left to solo queue. Holy hell, solo queue support can be rough.

I won, then lost, then lost, and lost.. So then I would keep rage queueing. Then I decayed. Then I lost, then I said FUCK YOU and stopped queuing altogether.

Pretty much the last time I even played Competitive on my main account as I gave up after that. Accidentally queued last season and had to play one match but I still don’t care about competitive anymore.

I’d rather suffer in QP. Which also means I went out of my comfort zone with playing support and decided to just force myself into DPS. Ashe is bae.