Overwatch is really well done.

I somehow got closed beta access to Overwatch last year in October but never got around to trying it out. No one I knew had access so I wasn’t too excited to try it out solo. The day I decided to install it and try it out was actually the last day for closed beta and access had already been removed. Well, a couple weeks ago Blizzard finally opened closed beta back up again so I went in deep.

It has been awhile since a game that isn’t Rift has drawn me in enough that I can’t stop thinking about it. The last FPS I played was CS:GO and I kind of lost interest in it after a friend and I stopped talking. I have hopped in to play here and there but it’s a game that is just that, for me to maybe hop into if I’m really bored. Kind of what I used to do with COD4.

Anyway, I have been obsessed with Overwatch. I love that there’s real no forced progression for leveling like I felt with the newer iterations of Call of Duty (Blackops 1/2, MW3). Level up, get a loot box and open it up to see what you’ve got.

Last game I pre-ordered was Black Ops. I am pre-ordering Overwatch and won’t regret it one bit.